Requirements met?


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does anyone know whether the following requirements are met on Knownhost servers?


MySQL Database Server 5.0

- the server
- client programs

PHP 5.2

including the modules



Files must belong to the apache user


According to cpanel the versions of PHP and MySQL are correct, also GD and Imagemagick are available, but regarding the rest I wonder.
If you purchased a VPS, you would be able to have all of those requirements available to you, I believe. Regarding a shared hosting account, I'm not positive, so I'll leave that for KH staff to address.
Hi Jeren,

I have a shared reseller account. A VPS for some 40$$ per month does not yet make any sense for me. That much dough keeps my Icelander mare in ample oats and hay for a month :D

For a VPS to be financially rewarding for me I'd need some 25 additional customers, minimally. And they don't sign up that much lately here.

I'd still like to know the answers to my questions though.
Hi Ken,

PHP and MySQL versions depend on the server where your account is located. Older systems run with PHP4/MySQL v4, newer systems with PHP5/MySQL 5. I have no ability to verify this as I do not know where your account is located. If exact information is required it would be best to submit a support ticket so your account can be identified and correct answers provided.

ImageMagick should be available

This part: "Files must belong to the apache user" isn't going to work - all our shared/reseller systems are configured to run PHP through SuPHP / PhpSuExec, as such any file created by the php script on your account will belong to your account's username and won't be owned by the Apache user.