Quota modification from the LIST ACCOUNTS screen in WHM


Hope you don't mind all my questions, I'm moving from another host and things are a little different here. I don't know if that is a result of my old host having a customized environment or maybe KnownHost's is customized ... neither is better or worse and this is not a complaint.

So in WHM, when I go to the LIST ACCOUNTS page. I'm used to being able to tweak account quotas from there without having to change the whole package for the account.

For example, Customer21.com has goofed up and allowed their 100mb quota domain to fill due to too much e-mail. Customer cannot delete e-mail because those web mail clients sort of choke when presented with no quota space - no moving items to deleted items when 0 bytes free. Even though I know there are other ways to delete e-mail or free space, this is not convenient for my customer so I try to help them. I will go in and bump them up to 110mb temporarily so they can still work until someone can do some cleanup wither in e-mail or webspace, whatever. I cannot do this through my WHM panel here at KnownHost, I do not have the option.

Any ideas? I can grab screenshots from my other WHM if that helps illustrate what I mean.

No hurry, just wondering. Thanks.

Hi Rob,

This makes sense, I've modified your account to allow direct disk quota adjustment, please check

Perfect, that is what I was looking for, thanks Paul. Thank god I do not get charged per support call or forum inquiry. Haha.