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Discussion in 'Linux VPS - Plesk' started by bdmorrison, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. bdmorrison

    bdmorrison New Member

    Any known issues? Should we hold off?
  2. ppc

    ppc Moderator Plesk 9.0 was finally released. Only 8+ months late!

    Knowing Parallels I would definitely wait but I'm sure Paul would have an official answer.


  3. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    As usual - it would be better to wait at least 2-3 weeks to see what kind of feedback will be posted on Parallel's forums. So far the only complains I'm seeing there are about inability to upgrade which might be a good thing :)
    Past experience shows that upgrades of production systems shouldn't be done until first couple hotfixes will be released.
  4. Michael Corleone

    Michael Corleone New Member

    Great! So we can expect Plesk 9.0 on our VPS after couple of weeks? Also, do new versions of CP enhance or degrade VPS performance?
  5. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    Depends. Some releases, we've had to wait longer for Parallels to push out fixes to bugs.

    Another, "depends". Sometimes better, sometimes worse, sometimes no change.

    Parallels is really hit or miss. You'll just have to keep your eyes posted on other people's experiences.
  6. Michael Corleone

    Michael Corleone New Member

    Wow! That was a quick reply ;)

    Anyways, you are right. Has KnownHost deployed it on some of it's test servers and seen how Plesk 9 is like? Performance wise, stability or compatibility wise?
  7. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    Sorry, been VERY busy recently. :p
  8. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    I am sure they have. Wait for Paul to respond on that one. I would say, given his statement to hold off on the upgrade, that as usual, issues were experienced.
  9. bdmorrison

    bdmorrison New Member

    Well I took the plunge to upgrade to 9.0 and it failed miserable. 9.0 is HORRIBLE. If you're thinking of upgrading, run FAR FAR AWAY!

    I'll be making the (I hope painless) migration to cPanel.
  10. Michael Corleone

    Michael Corleone New Member

    OK we get the point. Any specifics or a bit detailed info of your HORRIBLE experience would help us better.

    Any official word on this from KnownHost?
  11. bdmorrison

    bdmorrison New Member

    Let me see if I can give a few details. The upgrade itself came back and reported failure. After I received the e-mail I noticed all the sites were inaccessible. I ssh'd into the box, and saw that httpd wasn't running...started httpd and sites came back up, but the control panel was still inaccessible. I was able to hit the Virtuzzo control panel, and restarted the Plesk control panel was now accessible, I was getting mysql errors related to tables missing.

    At that point I submitted a ticket to support (at 3:25PST). At 6:30PST they reported:

    At 8:58PM they replied with:

    Now the control panel is accessible. After verifying that my domains were working I found that one domain was still not working. The TLD was accessible, but a subdomain is actually configured to use a different IP address...the httpd.conf had been rewritten. So I had to edit that file again to make the subdomain and the wildcard domains work like they should.

    When I click on 'Applications' from the home page, I get this:
    So that part of it doesn't even function!

    The best way that I can describe Plesk 9 is Plesk 9 is to 8.6 was Vista is to XP. Released too early, looks pretty....Need to at least wait for the latest service pack...but really, it's a failure, and we should just wait for Windows 7. The appearance and usability in Plesk 9 is completely different from the old system, and though I do see some things I like, it takes some getting used to, and who knows if it works.

    So I will get a cPanel account concurrently with my plesk account...and migrate my domains as time allows.

    Just my .03 cents.
  12. JoyceBabu

    JoyceBabu New Member

    Is it possible to run two control panels on the same account? I thought not.
  13. bdmorrison

    bdmorrison New Member

    What I meant was I'd just have another server with the CP control panel setup on it...and I'd migrate my sites to that.

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