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    hey, i tried to contact the support via live chat but nobody was on :(

    I would of called too, but i don't have an active phone line, nor do i feel like using a payphone lol

    I was told that i need something called phpmyadmin but i forgot what the address is

    My old host had it as

    of course was my old domain.

    Any kind of support is welcomed.


  2. KH-Joel

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    You can easily submit a support ticket via or with your email and password you signed up with or by emailing them with the same email. They will help you out with this issue. Chat is for Sales so they wouldn't be able to assist with this.

    I am moving this to the appropriate section of this forum since this isn't Pre-Sales. Make sure you register since those threads require it.

  3. ppc

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    Mike, Knownhost is known for its great tech support...

    Its hard to believe this in the web hosting world but:

    They are not like these other companies that you have to call them a million times in order to get your problems resolved...

    They are not like other web hosts where they have it upon themselves that support tickets that are submitted on their website is a low priority and take several hours if not days to respond...

    In fact they actually anwser their support tickets with a full comprehendable and complete anwser----within 20 minutes after I submit a ticket on
    It doesnt matter if its at 2 PM or 2 AM they anwser super fast

    ----UTILIZE IT ;)
  4. Jeren

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    So they don't sleep either? :) Thats cool.
  5. kubel

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    KnownHost has answered my tickets faster than Compaq has answered questions in their live chat (no joke).

    You can access phpMyAdmin through cPanel ( It should be under MySQL Databases. At the bottom of that page is a little link phpMyAdmin. You should be able to access it directly with a link similar to this:

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