NJ to MD Datacenter Migration

Jonathan, I never suggested listing everything that can go wrong in the notification email. There's a lot of room between doing that, and presenting the migration as zero-risk, something that customers can essentially ignore. Customers should have been told that there were some risks involved, and what to look out for. I understand that it's easier to try to paint the migration as a non-event, but you have a responsibility to be accurate and honest about it. You work in an industry where companies live and die by their SLAs. You don't tell customers, "..in performing the migration this way you will not experience any downtime or service interruption..." if there's a chance there will be a disruption.

Regarding the communication between the support engineers and the migration team, clearly they weren't on the same page, as the static-route issue took some time to address. If you guys want to be a top-flight hosting company, you're going to have to learn from your mistakes, and improve. Arguing with customers is not an effective way to respond to these sorts of issues. Perhaps no one else at KH was affected (something I highly doubt), but my clients (your customers) were promised NO disruptions, and they experienced a disruption. They don't care about the nuances of the issue, or how difficult this migration must have been for you. All they care about is the fact that 1) they never asked to be migrated, and 2) the migration wound up affecting them.

As for Henry's quote, I don't think it's possible to misinterpret that, especially within the context of the email.