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Hello Everyone,

First and foremost I hope everyone is having a nice 2009 thus far. I wanted to make a brief post regarding our new website and new VPS plans. We sent an announcement about this detailing how things will work moving forward. I will briefly explain it below but if anyone wants to discuss this further please email us at sales(at) We would be happy to go over it with you. We don't monitor the forums like our Sales queue so we prefer all those correspondences to be done via email since in each situation we may recommend something different based on the example at hand.

If you currently have a UBC VPS (includes burstable ram) you have 2 options. Remain as you are now and not even think about this or you can move to the SLM VPS's which we spent a lot of time building a process for to help make it easy if a client opts to go that direction. So if you decide to stay "as is" you will even be allowed to upgrade from UBC to UBC plan as your accustomed to. If you go to SLM this will involve 1-5 minutes of downtime as this does require a reboot of your VPS. So to sum it up it's totally up to you as the customer. We didn't want to force anything on a customer as at the end of the day it's up to you. We can support either decision.

Next, we increased all bandwidth for Texas clients to be inline with that in California. Both are Premium networks with excellent network connectivity. This upgrade takes affect immediately.

Finally, we are now offering Managed Servers bundled with cPanel. For more details check our website or email our Sales department.

I guess I didn't read the earlier email, and I scanned your site real quick to see if I could figure out the difference between UBC and SLM. I could not. Could someone please enlighten me.