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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Gimpy, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Gimpy

    Gimpy Member


    I have a couple of Managed VPS accounts here at KnownHost (cPanel) and it looks like I'll be needing SSL for a couple of eCommerce domains that need to be able to accept credit cards via Stripe or Square. I understand that SSL Certs can be had for free nowadays.

    Would one of these Free SSL certs work for my needs and what is the procedure to acquire them? Are they easy to install on a KnownHost VPS via cPanel?

    Thanks for any advice!

  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Howdy Gimpy,

    I personally would not use an AutoSSL certificate for an eCommerce site and have seen where others do the same.

    I've had good luck using to get my SSL certs and their prices are pretty good.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Gimpy

    Gimpy Member

    Thanks for the recommendation. Do you happen to know what the difference is between the $10 per year cert and the free one, both offered by Comodo?

    Also, do you happen to know how google webmaster indexing will be affected when all of the links change to https://? I'm concerned about all of the the existing http:// links suddenly becoming invalid.


  4. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Morning Gimpy,

    I'm not seeing a Comodo free certificate on If I look at I do see where they have a link for free SSL but it's only free for a 90 day trial. I don't see why the $10 certificate wouldn't work however you could always email them and ask whether it would be sufficient for an ecommerce site. I did read that some would not recommend the $10 certificate as they aren't secure enough but, again, I would recommend talking with them about it.

    Their existing search results won't become invalid new ones will simply become available. For certain pages the site or developer can/should require https (the store for example).

    Hope that helps!
  5. Gimpy

    Gimpy Member

    Thanks so much for the info. The reason I was asking about Comodo was this article I read about Comodo Working with cPanel to Deliver Free SSL Certificates.
    However, I'm fine with paying a yearly fee, if needed for eCommerce.

    Currently, I'm running an eCommerce domain using PaPal, where the SSL is provided on PayPal's site. I did notice that there is a Cert enabled on the domain here at Knownhost, but I'm sure I never purchased anything. Could this be a self signed certificate that was enabled at some point?

    Thanks again for any guidance here.

  6. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    Odds are that's from AutoSSL in cPanel (free Comodo or LetsEncrypt cert).
  7. Gimpy

    Gimpy Member

    The Website has been running for several years now and I seem to remember having to enable SSL for some function to work. I assume that was before free SSL certs were available. If there a way to determine whether this is a self-signed cert or if it's an AutoSSL in cPanel (free Comodo or LetsEncrypt cert).

    I'm basically moving from Zen-Cart to Wordpress (WooCommerce) on the site and I'm thinking I would need to disable what is there now, so I can add a new SSL cert. I've never done this before. Am I on the right track here?
  8. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    You don't need to do anything in AutoSSL to replace an existing certificate with a purchased one just install it onto the domain and it will replace any existing one. AutoSSL won't replace a purchased one until it expires and you can even turn that option off too if you want.
  9. VoX

    VoX New Member

    I've been using for several years, great prices. The higher prices certs come with insurance, green bar in browser and they have better browser support (whatever that means). I'm no SSL cert expert.
  10. KH-JonathanKW

    KH-JonathanKW Technical Support Staff Member

    This just basically means that there is a better chance of older browsers recognizing and supporting the certificate instead of not being able to view the website due to an incompatibility with the certificates root certificate authority.

    Now, this is all within reason; of course. You wouldn't be able to browse a website with NetScape Navigator or Internet Explorer 6 and expect to get the same results as FireFox or Chrome. :)

    The truth in this though; is that most of all major SSL providers are going to offer a "99.9%" guarantee that they virtually support all major browsers; though -- I wouldn't let this be the focus point when choosing a vendor.

    This is what I would be looking into when it comes to SSL Certificates; what would give me the best insurance/secure cert needed for the price that I can afford.

    Free 90 certificates is good and all, but as Dan mentioned; I wouldn't recommend them in a production environment. I'm on the belief that any eCommerce website or any website that exchanges money should always utilize a 1 year certificate, but that's just my opinion.
  11. Gimpy

    Gimpy Member

    Thanks for all the info & suggestions. Just wanted to update this thread to say I decided to go with a Comodo Positive SSL for 8.95 yr on both websites.

    Installation for fast and easy through WHM here at Knownhost.

    Thanks again!

  12. Aaron183

    Aaron183 New Member

    Why pay more to get Comodo Positive SSL certificate?

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