1. Gimpy

    Need Recommendations For SSL

    Greetings I have a couple of Managed VPS accounts here at KnownHost (cPanel) and it looks like I'll be needing SSL for a couple of eCommerce domains that need to be able to accept credit cards via Stripe or Square. I understand that SSL Certs can be had for free nowadays. Would one of these...
  2. The Sorcerer

    Wordpress to recommed hosting companies SSL certs by default

    I noticed this message in my WordPress: First, early in 2017, we will only promote hosting partners that provide a SSL certificate by default in their accounts. Later we will begin to assess which features, such as API authentication, would benefit the most from SSL and make them only enabled...
  3. S

    Anyone using lets encrypt for free SSL?

    If so how easy was it to implement and do you have a link to any instructions, for cpanel or other? My VPS is CentOS 7 currently.
  4. H

    One SSL site showing on other domains

    Hi, I have multiple domains on a VPS and have bought SSL for one domain. When i open other domain with https:// it shows me first domain website. for e.g i have purchased SSL for this and when i open with https:// it shows me...
  5. A

    secure login to cpanel and webmail

    hi all i just had a chat session with sale team and they confirmed the following to me they said login to cpanel would be done via a link like this : http://ip : port not via a link with https which mean no SSL or TLS is not used which mean anyone can have your password no matter what you do...