Nameserver propagation delay?


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I opened a reseller account about 24 hours ago and was surprised to receive instructions telling me to assign name servers based on my own domain ( I don't actually plan on being a reseller, but I have about a dozen domains that I want to host with little bandwidth or storage needs, so the reseller account seemed a good fit.

I have so far been unable to get the DNS for any of my domains to point toward BulkRegister (now Enom) just says "Nameserver cannot be registered." I was able to assign the KnownHost name servers to these domains and they resolve correctly, but I don't know if there is a problem with my stickywebz setup or if it just takes longer than a day to propogate.

No emergency here, but I'm a little antsy because I think it would be cool to see my domains listed with my stickywebz name server. :)

Thanks for any shared experiences!

I'm certainly not familiar with that exact error message, but I went through a similar thing years ago.

I can ping your name servers so it appears you have them defined correctly.

Just so I understand you correctly, you are going to your other domains and trying to point them to your ns1 and ns2 name servers? In othe words, you are viewing your domains registered with BulkRegister and clicking "To modify name servers for this domain, click here." and inputting your nameservers? Does it behave any differently if you put the IP address in there?

Probably not much help, but I seem to remember having similar oddball problems. Cannot remember exactly the fix.
Thanks for the reply. You are correct in all respects.

If I try to put an IP address in there, it says it is invalid. "Invalid Name Server:" That is a different error message than when I input, so I think it is just rejecting the format. It seems to want a domain name.

I realize there can be delays in these matters, but I haven't encountered anything more than a few hours for years. Nevertheless, everything resolves okay, so I'm really just curious and a little eager to see my own nameserver on there.

Take a look at your domain management control panel at BulkRegister to try to find something similar to "Register a nameserver". I searched on but the best I can find on the public part of their website is this:
Can I register nameservers through BulkRegister?
Yes! Our interface provides for easy creation and management of your nameservers as well as of your domain portfolio.

Done! Thank you, Paul. That was very easy, but I never would have found that on my own. I'm sure this thread will be useful to many people in the future.

Thanks again to you both.