Name one thing you love about Knownhost

Let me guess...a 13 year old kid using daddy's credit card to host a gaming site? Ah well. Get 'em out of here. :D
I don't love anythging about Known Host. I am very dissatisfied and will be leaving when my subscription expires this month.

Why not? I have have been going to many sites big and small and have seen many reviews about this company , Never saw a comment like this!
What did you expect them to do for you?
They are one of the best support I have seen. no matter what problem you had you should not insult others.:(
I'm brand new here and I'm very impressed. The sign up couldn't have been easier. First I had a couple of questions and my e-mail was returned in minutes...every time. Then, the transfer of my web site was easy and the support person was very patient and friendly. I had a couple of questions there, too.

And, that's what means the most to me. Treating people with respect and honesty.

Like the message board, too!
I had a previous experience with a VPS here... Then after time, when I no longer had VPS access (itwas my friends, then he stopped with the VPS) I decided to go with KnownHost's Paid Shared Hosting :D

The best Shared host I have ever had! I have had 100% uptime :)