Name one thing you love about Knownhost

They are polite. professional. they know when they say sorry when some thing is wrong and is server fault.
And to tell you the truth I am learning how to professionaly support others from them.
I look at their ticket the way they handle and behave and I am learning from them even I purchased a kayako when I noticed they use it
Just one thing , I wish I could see how they configured kayako to handle support request but can't see:)

I wonder if they have staff to staff chat program to talk with each other!

Back to subject so many things good :)
the fact that everything just works like it's supposed to.

OK, I'm gonna sneak in another one, but L3 techs. was another reason I initially decided to come here years ago.
so is it like level1 level2 level3 bla bla
how many levels:)
when we send a ticket with priority high it goes to leve3?
Hi. Generally, there are Level 1 - Level 3 support technicians although I'm sure it varies some places. I don't see it mentioned on the site anymore, but back when I was considering a new host KH had something on the site that basically said all of their support techs were Level 3, at least I think that was the case. That might have changed since then, but it was a comfort to know that problems would be addressed and corrected by that level of support (i.e. people who actually comprehend complex situations and can resolve them on their own).

For more on the general classifications, this might help a little:
One thing I love about KnownHost: The Coffee.

Ok, I haven't really dropped by their offices before, but I'm sure that if I did, they'd have a good cup of coffee there.

Other than that, its the patience of their support staff that I appreciate. I've had to put in several support tickets lately, and they all have been answered in a professional manner. (Of course, I wasn't being rude or anything, so that might have a factor in that).
where is their coffice located?
what If I come by and want to have a cup of coffe too
will they kick me out:D

which city are you staying exept those who our outsourcing

will find yu:p

So far my customers are happy. and I am sure one day I have to go for dedicated server
if I do and you have that package I am going with you
Honestly, speed and helpfulness of tech support. This was my first VPS, and I naturally had some basic questions about DNS setup etc. they were patient - never condescending. Cheers KnownHost!
If they offer dedicated server I will most likely buy one too.
I have found my home in this company. love every thing about it:)
Wow, someone who's been here longer than I have! I didn't think such a person existed.

I like how stable KH is. I've rarely had problems with anything here. I had two previous hosts, one less-than-respected, and one that was well-respected but just seemed to go to the toilet on my server.

One day I'll need to upgrade and move to a VPS or something else, but I've been cool for years now.

Dang, this is only my second post? I should try to get out more.
One thing: I was experiencing at least 5 database errors/day at my old host. My response from IT was to clean my vBulletin sites up.:eek:

Now, the good thing. I have been here since early Sunday morning, and just came off the usual evening rush on my forums and I had

wait for it........

0 database errors! Thanks!
I don't love anythging about Known Host. I am very dissatisfied and will be leaving when my subscription expires this month.

Sorry, but calling our staff "idiots" is extremely unprofessional which we will not tolerate. This is why we asked you to backup your data and find a new host to use abusive language to. This wasn't the first time you did this which made our decision to ask you to leave quite easy. There are ways to approach business and it's evident you are not one who has respect for others.