migrating a forum to a new account


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Hi, I want to move my forum on Site5 to a Knownhost account. I haven't seen a step-by-step and guide, so I'm wondering if I can get some help. From the different methods I read, I think I would like to try using cPanel -- but I they use their own customized version called "SiteAdmin".

The forum database is about 100mb (mysql 4.1.22) and the full table backup is around 300mb if I use the forum's (phpbb2) tools.

I read this thread... http://forums.knownhost.com/showthread.php?t=762&highlight=site5

but I'm not sure if phpmyadmin can handle (file import limit is 51,200 KiB). phpBB wouldn't be able to import that either.

I think I used shell access last time I had to move a DB... any suggestions?

Our support team can assist with database dump restoration. Just upload the dump into your account's home directory and let our team know where they can find the dump file and name of the database where it needs to be restored to.