KnownHost's 1 Year Anniversary - 50% off $ Lifetime Discounts $ UPGRADED VPS Plans

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  1. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    In celebration of our one year anniversary, KnownHost , would like to extend to you our new VPS promotion KHoneyear which gets you 50% off your first two months of any VPS followed by a 10% lifetime discount. These discounts also apply to control panels, memory upgrades, billing systems, IP's, etc. All new/existing customers will benefit from the NEW and IMPROVED VPS Plans also launched along side this promotion. This special is being held for a limited time only and will expire 3/31/07 so please get one while they're hot. **This is for monthly subscriptions only.

    All VPS packages KnownHost offers are based on Virtuozzo 3.0 (Redhat 2.6 kernel) and backed by Premium Bandwidth such as Internap and Level 3 in the Texas Datacenter and in the California Datacenter backed by Verio and Cogent.

    To receive the current promotion please use the coupon code KHoneyear when placing your order.

    Why choose KnownHost?
    • Founders have over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry
    • Web Host Magazine Editors' Choice Award Winner for VPS Hosting
    • Named one of the "top 10" fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry
    • Free full migration assistance (with the same control panel)
    • Always improving our services based on customers feedback
    • 30 day money back guarantee/Price lock guarantee
    • We OWN all our hardware and equipment **Powerful custom built Dual Opteron Servers in a RAID 10 Configuration with 8 gigs of Registered ECC DDR2 RAM.
    • A la carte RAM, Bandwidth and Disk Space upgrades
    • Realistic package specifications vs price

    All VPS’s include the following:
    • Virtuozzo Technology
    • Virtuozzo Powerpanel
    • Unlimited domains on all control panel options
    • FREE Setup
    • 24/7 support by seasoned professionals
    • Full Root Access
    • Control panel options (Plesk, Directadmin, Cpanel, and Webmin) *
    • CentOS 4x OS
    • External Server Backup’s
    • Equal share CPU
    • Easy upgrade options on the fly
    *Cpanel, Directadmin, and Plesk have additional fees on top of the monthly prices below. Pricing can be found here:

    VPS M - $20/mo
    125 GB Premium Bandwidth (250 GB BW in Ca)
    128 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 512 MB
    7 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    VPS L - $30/mo
    200 GB Premium Bandwidth (400 GB BW in Ca)
    256 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 768 MB *Used to be 192 MB*
    10 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    VPS XL - $40/mo
    275 GB Premium Bandwidth (550 GB BW in Ca)
    320 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 1 GB *Used to be 256 MB*
    20 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    VPS XXL - $60/mo
    325 GB Premium Bandwidth (650 GB BW in Ca)
    448 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 1.5 GB *Used to be 384 MB*
    25 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    VPS Triple X - $75/mo
    375 GB Premium Bandwidth (750 GB BW in Ca)
    512 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 2.0 GB *Used to be 448 MB*
    30 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    *All VPS's in Texas have 25 GB more Bandwidth and in California 50 GB more. This is for all new signup's and all current customers.

    Texas Datacenter

    Test IP:
    Test File:

    California Datacenter

    Test IP:
    Test File:

    Available upgrade options:

    • 10 GB Bandwidth = $7.00/mo
    • 25 GB Bandwidth = $17.50/mo
    • 64 MB RAM = $5.00/mo
    • 128 MB RAM = $7.50/mo
    • 256 MB RAM = $12.50/mo
    • 1 GB Disk Space = $2.00/mo
    • 3 GB Disk Space = $6.00/mo*NEW*
    • 10 GB Disk Space = $15.00/mo
    • Additional IP’s = $.75/mo
    • Plesk Powerpack = $2/mo
    • Fantastico = $1/mo
    • Rvskin = $2/mo
    • Clientexec = $5/mo
    • WHMCS = $5/mo *NEW*
    For additional information, or to view our additional products and services, please visit; chat live with a sales rep or email us anytime at

    KnownHost Team
  2. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    I just wanted to make a quick note regarding this special as well as all specials that we have offered in the past and those we will most likely offer in the future.

    All specials we run are for new customers we well as existing customers towards the purchase of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc...VPS.

    This special does not apply to upgrades and it also can not replace an existing VPS.

    If you have any quesitions please email sales at

  3. CodeWallah

    CodeWallah New Member

    You wouldn't want to put out any upgrade specials?

    This special applies for second, third etc. VPS purchases for current customers, but what in the world would I do with a second VPS? It would just be a hassle to manage two separate setups. I'd much rather pay the same and have it all in one place. That is, upgrade.

    I understand you remembered your present customers with the VPS plan upgrades. While they're neat (even if VPS-M didn't get any extra memory - sigh), they don't really address the needs of those who are looking at upgrading to something substantially larger, such as in our case from M to XL.
  4. diggity

    diggity New Member

    I must admit that I agree with Code Wallah. It seems the norm these days for special offers to be aimed solely at new customers, whether it be banking, insurance or webhosting the phrase "New Customers Only" has become somewhat of a frustrating worldwide anthem of todays society, and very few companies grasp the concept of also perhaps rewarding those who are loyal to a particular company or service on a long term basis.

    Wouldn't it be refreshing to see at least one offer per year aimed towards existing customers?
  5. KH-Jay

    KH-Jay Administrator Staff Member

    Well, we gave free Memory (VPS L+) and Bandwidth (ALL) to all existing customers which was our special for our existing customers this year. We are only one year into this so the future this is possible. We always run specials for new sales (not just new customers) and always will but I am not disagreeing on your view. We passed around this idea but decided not to do it this time around. We do listen to our customers but we felt what we did was good for our first year factoring in several things. At least we did something, right?

  6. diggity

    diggity New Member


    Sorry I didn't want my earlier post to appear ungrateful it wasn't intended that way, but things often don't sound as we'd intended them to do when written on a forum :) .

    I was just putting forward my own point of view and sharing a thought, in that as an existing customer I would have upgraded my account much sooner, had there have been an incentive too.

    For example, had the following 2006 offer

    have been extended for a few days more then for the last three months I would have been paying $40 a month instead of $20, as it was and since I had missed the offer, I delayed the upgrade, and continued with my existing account and waited until the next special offer came along.

    It did, and I have since upgraded :)

    Nobody expects you to offer such deals on a monthly basis, but everybody likes a bargain and they are a nice little gold nugget when they do come along. Its also refreshing to see a company who DOES reward existing customers too :) .

    Either way, your standard of service here is excellent and you should be proud of what you and your staff have achieved in 12 months and long may it continue.
  7. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    This special has officially ended.

  8. BAlGaInTl

    BAlGaInTl New Member

    So it ended early?

    I must admit... I've been looking for a reason to upgrade to the L package, but will put it off if specials aren't good for upgrading customers.

    I would even be happy if it were just the 10% off lifetime sans the 50% off for two months.

    I'm very happy with the service of knownhost, but have been bummed that the M package didn't get a ram upgrade.

  9. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    We sold out of the special. The RAM upgrade was discussed in detail and the VPS M plan we decided to not add it to. It isn't that we didn't want to but we decided if someone requires more RAM the best option is to upgrade to the L plan.

  10. BAlGaInTl

    BAlGaInTl New Member

    Ah... no problem. I didn't realize there was a limit. It only makes sense though.

    I completely understand about the M plan. I will probably still upgrade in the future to the L, but I don't need it just yet.

    I bet you would get a lot of people to jump ship from the M if the price was right.

    Thanks a lot for the reply and for your wonderful service.
  11. Robert

    Robert New Member

    Lots of 50% off coupons, none work?

    I don't understand how something that expires on 3/31/07 has already expired? I don't wish to start on the wrong foot with KnownHost, I love everything about you guys. My current host is perfect, except when it comes to support..which is the reason I am looking for something new. My network friend and I plan to migrate over slowly so as to clean up our current VPS, taking up to 2 months. I was looking forward to half price off the first 2 months, and all the coupons that promise this don't seem to work. Please advise, thank you.

  12. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    We sold out of the VPS's allocated for this promotion. We do have a new promotion however which you can take advantage of now. It is KH2MONTHS and it gets you 50% off the first and second month. It is for monthly subscriptions only. Any further questions let us know.

  13. arowana

    arowana New Member

    Hey,i missed out on these by a few days only.Any chance of me getting any promotions,discounts now?:p
  14. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    Please send an email to the sales department and we will see what we can do.

  15. D.cramb

    D.cramb Guest

    KnownHosts 1 Year Anniversary 50 off Lifetime Discounts UPGRADED VPS Plans

    Today marks the one year anniversary of this Forum. Thanks to all of you for making this such a wonderful place for discussion. This has grown far beyond my expectations and Im grateful to be a part of it.Thanks,QBlog

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