KnownHost now offering FULLY MANAGED VPS's - Lifetime Discounts, VPS's from $10/mo!

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  1. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    When you hear the name KnownHost, a couple words come to mind:

    Fantastic Uptime
    High Performance Custom Built Servers
    Cutting Edge Technology
    Unbeatable Customer Service and Support

    We decided to turn it up a notch and offer our affordable VPS plans FULLY MANAGED at no additional cost to our customers. Please refer to this link regarding what is included in our Fully Managed Service:

    For the Holidays, KnownHost also brings back our VPS promotion KHXMAS which gets you 50% off your first two months of any VPS followed by a 10% lifetime discount. We make it easy and inexpensive for you to get started today! These discounts also apply to control panels, memory upgrades, billing systems, IP's, etc which are placed with your original order.
    This special is being held for a limited time only and will expire January 9th 2008 so please get one while they're hot.
    **Please note, This promotion is for monthly subscriptions only.

    All VPS packages KnownHost offers are based on Virtuozzo 3.0 (Redhat 2.6 kernel) and backed by Premium Bandwidth such as Internap and Level 3 in the Texas Datacenter and in the California Datacenter backed by Verio, Cogent and Global Crossing.

    To receive the current promotion please use the coupon code KHXMAS when placing your order.

    Why choose KnownHost?
    • Founders have over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry
    • Ranked #1 by Hyperspin with a current 99.991% uptime - **And yes we have more then one server being monitored.
    • Web Host Magazine Editors' Choice Award Winner for VPS Hosting
    • Named one of the "Top 10" fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry
    • Free full migration assistance (with the same control panel)
    • Always improving our services based on customers feedback
    • 30 day money back guarantee/Price lock guarantee
    • We OWN all our hardware and equipment **Powerful custom built Dual Opteron Servers in a RAID 10 Configuration with 8 gigs of Registered ECC DDR2 RAM.
    • A la carte RAM, Bandwidth and Disk Space upgrades
    • Realistic package specifications vs price
    All VPS’s include the following:
    • Virtuozzo Technology
    • Virtuozzo Powerpanel
    • Unlimited domains on all control panel options
    • FREE Setup
    • 24/7 FULLY MANAGED support by seasoned professionals
    • Full Root Access
    • Control panel options (cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, and Webmin) *
    • CentOS 5x OS
    • External Server Backup’s
    • Equal share CPU
    • Easy upgrade options on the fly
    *cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk have additional fees on top of the monthly prices below. Pricing can be found here:

    New to the VPS market? We have tons of customers who switch to us from shared/reseller hosting so we give you all the information you need to get your VPS up and running. Worried about security? We will optimize your VPS and install APF firewall upon request.

    VPS M - $20/mo
    125 GB Premium Bandwidth (250 GB BW in Ca)
    128 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 512 MB
    7 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    VPS L - $30/mo
    200 GB Premium Bandwidth (400 GB BW in Ca)
    256 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 768 MB
    10 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    VPS XL - $40/mo
    275 GB Premium Bandwidth (550 GB BW in Ca)
    320 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 1 GB
    20 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    VPS XXL - $60/mo
    325 GB Premium Bandwidth (650 GB BW in Ca)
    448 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 1.5 GB
    25 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    VPS Triple X - $75/mo
    375 GB Premium Bandwidth (750 GB BW in Ca)
    512 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 2.0 GB
    30 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    KnownHost recently launched Hybrid Servers which combine Enterprise Class Hardware with a virtualization layer (Virtuozzo) on top of the host operating system.

    For a limited time get 50% off your first month and 25% off your second month of hosting on any Hybrid Server. Please use the coupon code KHhybrid when placing your order.
    **Please note, This promotion is for monthly subscriptions only.

    HY-Eco - $110/mo
    500 GB Premium Bandwidth (1000 GB BW in Ca)
    768 MB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 2.5 GB
    50 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    HY-Pro - $135/mo
    750 GB Premium Bandwidth (1250 GB BW in Ca)
    1 GB Guaranteed RAM Burstable to 4.0 GB
    65 GB Disk Space
    Dedicated IP: 2

    Texas Datacenter

    Test IP:
    Test File:

    California Datacenter

    Test IP:
    Test File:

    Available upgrade options:
    • 10 GB Bandwidth = $7.00/mo
    • 25 GB Bandwidth = $17.50/mo
    • 50 GB Bandwidth = $32.50/mo
    • 100 GB Bandwidth = $60.00/mo
    • 64 MB RAM = $5.00/mo
    • 128 MB RAM = $7.50/mo
    • 256 MB RAM = $12.50/mo
    • 384 MB RAM = $17.50/mo
    • 1 GB Disk Space = $2.00/mo
    • 3 GB Disk Space = $6.00/mo
    • 10 GB Disk Space = $15.00/mo
    • Additional IP’s = $.75/mo
    • Plesk Powerpack = $2/mo
    • Fantastico = $1/mo
    • Rvskin = $2/mo
    • Clientexec = $5/mo
    • WHMCS = $5/mo
    For additional information, or to view our additional products and services, please visit; chat live with a sales rep or email us anytime at [email protected].

    KnownHost Team
  2. cookie

    cookie Alien

    Ok here we go. Thanks guys. I love your services and I hate moving around to different hosts but management was a big problem for me .

    God bless knownhost:)
  3. thedark1

    thedark1 New Member

    so any special offers for existing customers?

    seems to me you concentrate far too much on attracting new customers, and hardly do anything to keep your existing customers....

    A freebie or a small discount every now and then goes a long way in terms of customer loyalty...

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm a happy camper here at knownhost...been here for 1,5 years with 3 vpses..... and I don't think I'd ever switch to anyone's just that we "old ones" feel rather neglected sometimes..

  4. KH-Jay

    KH-Jay Administrator Staff Member

    We do think of how we can do things for current customers but it isn't easy unless we want to start losing money. Most customers in some way or other had or have a special tied to their account. In time we will do things but it is more about timing. I know what you mean but if we don't concentrate on new sales then we will end up not being in business so all of this allows us to continue to provide the service we provide. One thing to note if you have 3 VPS's you are qualified for our VPS Reseller Program so if your not signed up you really should be as this allows nice discounts which is geared to give back to long time customers like you. Feel free to PM me to discuss further. Have a Happy Holidays!!

  5. thedark1

    thedark1 New Member

    I wasn't aware you had a VPS reseller program, it's not the same as the affiliate program is it?

    What you say is correct Jay, you need to focus on getting new customers, and staying competitive and in profit. I realize hosting is a tough business, especially with the insanely retarded overseller hosts out there. But you should also focus on retaining those new customers too, because your existing customers are the ones who'll recommend you to others, and write the rave reviews about you on hosting forums!

    For the most part, I think most Knownhost customers are loyal customers, and very happy with the excellent support and service they get. I don't think I've ever read a negative review about knownhost, well at least one that is reasonable and fair.
    We all hope you become a very successful and major hosting company soon, and don't leave your customers behind like many others who made it did.....and they all lost out and fell apart at the end.
  6. KH-Jay

    KH-Jay Administrator Staff Member

    VPS Reseller program is different. Just ask our Sales department and they will send you the document explaining it.

    We plan to be around a long time and most importantly continue to provide a solid service and always be looking to improve it along the way. We aren't perfect by no means but we try to do all the things that are needed to be a successful business. Happy Holidays!!!

  7. thedark1

    thedark1 New Member

    Well jay, I contacted your sales department, and the reseller plan with its 10% discount is only available when you pay monthly. That makes no sense at all to me. You see, you're encouraging people to pay monthly, and they might just pack up and go at the end of the month, while those of us who pay yearly are the most loyal ones, and plan to stay on... in fact, have to stay on.....

    Again, I'm disappointed with your policy toward us loyal fans....
  8. DesotoD

    DesotoD New Member

    Awesome! Does the fully manged apply to existing accounts? There are times that I can use some help with more complicated commands. I'm learning but not fully there yet.

    I have gotten in on two discounts and while I'll take all I can get, I understand that if they started giving pre-existing customers every discount, they'd have to raise the overall rate.
  9. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    Absolutely ;)

    Very true. There's a lot of competition in this industry and to have quality support, servers, network like KH's has WHILE keeping pretty good prices and discounts it's really hard to beat ;)
  10. DesotoD

    DesotoD New Member

    That it is and the support and quality will keep me here over pricing. I WANT good prices, I DEMAND quality and support.
  11. wonshikee

    wonshikee New Member

    I asked a month ago if you guys were going to have this discount and you replied:

    [FONT=&quot]At this time we do not plan to run another 10% off for life promo in the nearest future.

    I would of waited a month for this :mad:
  12. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    And they didn't have the offer in "the nearest future". You do realize that statement can mean anything so instead of posting here in the forums, you can submit a ticket with sales and they might be able to do something for you.
  13. Internet54

    Internet54 New Member

    I'm not trying to sound upset, but letting your members know that you are offering Fully Managed VPS's is something that should be done.

    I didn't receive an email regarding this.
  14. drwhit73

    drwhit73 Member

    It was done with this thread.
  15. Internet54

    Internet54 New Member

    Technically, yes. But, if you believe that is a professional way of telling your clients what changes are happening, then you are mistaken. Sending out a mass email is the ONLY way you should notify clients. A forum cannot guarantee delivery on important information to clientel.
  16. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    We will make note of this for the future. We have used mailing lists before but this announcement we did not.

  17. steveninstl

    steveninstl New Member

    I wish I would have found the forum before I placed my order! I would have used the coupon code!
  18. mylinear

    mylinear Member

  19. ppc

    ppc Moderator


    Mylinear is correct that they do make it pretty much "known" when specials are running ;)

    However, shoot an email over to [email protected] dot com and they might be able to help you out ;)
  20. DesotoD

    DesotoD New Member

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