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October 06, 2011 - KnownHost LLC announced today that it now monitors 201 physical servers, placing it as the number-one webhost among the HyperSpin rankings for reliability and uptime.

According to the newest figures published by HyperSpin, KnownHost achieves a 99.959% uptime ranking, exceeding the 99.954% benchmark that HyperSpin considers as a reliable webhost for just one server. KnownHost boasts 200+ servers so this speaks loudly of the service provided.

The announcement closely follows a milestone for the company - building its 11,111th VPS - and also comes on the heels of a major upgrade to all of its VPS and Hybrid Servers earlier in the year. Many customers continue to enjoy the increased resources from that upgrade, including more memory, more disk space and higher bandwidth, and all for the same investment. The firm has also doubled its bandwidth on all existing Dedicated Servers.

"We are excited to achieve another major milestone this year," said Joel Neimond, Vice President of Sales at KnownHost LLC. "Demand for virtual private servers continues to grow and we're meeting that demand with our commitment to monitoring over 200 servers. We’re providing the best value to our customers, with the best uptime and reliability available in the marketplace."

In alignment with demand, industry sources are continuing to measure the benefits of using a VPS.

CodeHill, a blog about the management of websites, forecasted the 2011 outlook for the segment like this: "More and more small and mid-sized businesses are turning to the web in order to reach their customers, exchange information, understand market trends, and conduct day-to-day business. To do this, they are turning to virtual private servers, or VPS. This type of server gives the appearance and capabilities of running their own dedicated machines, while not having to worry about the high costs associated with real dedicated hosting."

The blog continued to share that: "The cost of personnel to maintain the dedicated company server, energy, and equipment all add up. These costs are something small and medium sized businesses just can't afford. Hence, 2010 was the year when virtualization deployments saw an increase of 28%, with a borderline 50% adoption rate for production."

KnownHost has been consistently ranked as a top Managed VPS Host in the HyperSpin rankings over the previous four years. It also received a 2011 Editors' Choice Award this month from Web Hosting Directory and Review site,, which bases its recognition on both editor-level and consumer-level reviews.

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About KnownHost LLC
KnownHost LLC is a privately-held professional web hosting company founded outside of Washington, D.C. It offers affordable web hosting plans through packages featuring Managed Virtual Private Servers (VPSs), Managed Hybrid Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers. The firm provides a 99.959% uptime on a base of more than 200 servers, and it operates data centers in Texas and in California. Visit the company at and on Twitter.