KnownHost Launches Global Presence with New European Datacenter

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  1. KH-Jonathan

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    KnownHost LLC announced today that it expanded its SSD VPS offerings to include an Amsterdam-based datacenter. The addition joins its already-established locations stateside in Texas, Washington, and Maryland, creating a global footprint for the company.

    In alignment with the newest growth trends in the marketplace, KnownHost is recognizing the increasing need for European-based services, particularly for solid state drives. A recent research report from Transparency Market Research shows that the global solid state drive market is expected to grow by about 41% over a seven-year period. In addition, the report notes that: “Solid state drives provide zero latency, reduced boot time, and reduced application load.”

    “We've been experiencing higher demand for our services overseas,” said Justin Sauers, CEO of KnownHost LLC. “Being able to bring our European location online allows for faster speeds for our customers and provides them with access to the latest technology from SSD VPS plans. We appreciate the opportunities our customers and partners are creating with us and we hope to provide the best services available.”

    This development also leverages the reputation and resources available from award-winning, localized and ISO-certified datacenter expert, Interxion, which is based in the Netherlands and has been honored for its business practices by the Uptime Institute.

    KnownHost holds the number-one web host slot for reliability and uptime in the HyperSpin rankings. It achieves a 99.991% uptime ranking, well-exceeding the 99.5% benchmark that HyperSpin considers to be a reliable web host.

    In addition, it has received multiple Editors’ Choice Awards from Web Hosting Directory and Review site, and the company received its inaugural award from Review Signal, a compilation of awards in five web hosting categories determined by analyzing publicly-available consumer comments and reviews compiled directly from Twitter and other consumer social media channels.

    For more information about VPS hosting and KnownHost, email [email protected].

    About KnownHost LLC

    KnownHost LLC is a privately-held professional web hosting company founded outside of Washington, D.C. It offers affordable web hosting plans through packages featuring Managed Virtual Private Servers (VPSs), Managed SSD VPS’s, and Managed Dedicated Servers. The firm provides a 99.991% uptime on a base of 316 servers, and it operates data centers in Texas, Washington, and Maryland. Visit KnownHost at and on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. Hector

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    Perfect and congratulations! :D :eek:
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  3. Adrian Barabino

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  4. Morten Knudsen

    Morten Knudsen New Member

    THANK YOU - I have been asking for this since I signed up for a Knownhost VPS many years ago.

    And the best part. Same price as the US based VPS :) - happy happy happy :)

    I have already signed up for one more VPS, now in europe. Testing ping time: gone from 115+ms to approx 18ms "ping" - fantastic

    Thank you again !
  5. Kkrkrgames

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    Thank you so much friend this is very good idea and important for the many people.
  6. KH-DanielP

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    Thank you everyone for your support.

    @Morten Knudsen I'm glad the ping times are good for you. We do our very best to deploy and maintain rock solid services for our customers!
  7. Dan

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    Way to go KH!! :D
  8. Pablo

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    This is a great new, not only for the load performance, but for accomplishing of european laws related to data protection and privacy, which forced to have the personal data of users inside Europe, especially after the cancelation of the US-EU safe harbour treatment the past year.

    One question, KnowHost have in mind to include non-SSD VPS in the Europe's datacenter in a close future? or only SSD's?
  9. KH-Jonathan

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    There are no plans to offer our non-SSD product line in Europe.
  10. Anish George

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    That's an amazing news. All the Best guys.
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