Is this considered Warez?

Discussion in 'cPanel reseller hosting' started by djloco81, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. djloco81

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    I was wondering if forums with LINKS, not the actual files, to places like
    Rapidshare, Megaupload, Shareafile or something like that are also considered warez and thus will not be accepted by KnowHost? Just wondering in advance :)

  2. Caleb

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    This is definitely still warez I have reported several sites that do this. In my opinion, putting
     tag links (non-live links) is just a beating-around-the-bush method of posting warez.  The intent is the same, and that is to pirate software and files.
    Against ToS/AUP
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  4. KH-Joel

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  5. SpotITC

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    A link is not "warez."

    It would be better to say you do not allow warez, links to warez or even mentioning warez websites - whatever is accurate for your case Joel.

    Just like I'm not going to be convicted of robbing a bank based on me linking to a page that documented a bank robery - linking to a site that has warez there is not warez itself. Be clear and people will have a better understanding.

  6. Mashahood

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    Link to a warz or Pirated software is not like linking to bank robbery documented page rather it is like Link to a web link giving robbers a Plan to rob a bank ;)

    Warz links discussed here are like I upload some illegal material (like software, books etc) on rapidshare (or other File sharing site which are mostly used for illegal purpose) and post that link here, so that other people can download that.
  7. 5ways

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    Not wrong there, just sensational.

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