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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by richard_s, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. richard_s

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    I just left a hosting company I spent a decade with. I don't need support often but when I need it I need it, I went an entire two years no tickets. When I first went with them support was outstanding however it rapidly over the last few years. The last straw was 4 day fiasco with 3 and 4 hour response times including an 18 hour gap to issue an IP... <sigh>

    In any event I had to create my first ticket here because I needed the hostname changed. 5 minutes from the time I created the ticket and it was done.... on a Saturday night yet. I realize this was not a major issue but nonetheless that is outstanding.
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  2. Dan

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  3. richard_s

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    Thanks for the welcome Dan.
  4. WRMercier

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    This support at KH is the norm rather then the exception and has been a determining factor that has kept me a loyal customer for many years. Welcome to the KH family richard_s ! ! !
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  5. Yagami

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    I've also just left HG recently as CentOS 5 will end support. Been there for 6 years. Ever since the EIG take over, their service quality and support went downhill. Actually, back then I really thought that the wisest thing to do when selecting a web hosting provider is to select the biggest company you can find, have the highest market share, and #1 google rankings. I was very wrong.

    Glad I've found Knownhost. Going forward, I just hope there's no backdoor talks of acquiring Knownhost by EIG or even other entities, like what happened with WT.
  6. KH-Jonathan

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    We dislike EIG very much (except when they buy out competition we don't mind since they tank them and it benefits us) :D

    Welcome to KH.
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  7. richard_s

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    When I started with the company I was with they were pretty small and considered one of the best in the business if you were looking for VPS server or more. A few minutes to get response for ticket was pretty common and 1 hour tops. The owner of the company, admins and techs participated in the forum and if I wanted to I could email the owner himself directly and expect a response shortly. I might of only emailed him a once or twice over non support things, I'm just trying to illustrate how small it was.

    They started buying a bunch of companies that sold shared hosting and that is where it started going down hill. I know everyone has to start somewhere but I'm not paying $X to sit in a queue behind RTFM support questions. I stuck with them because generally speaking the hardware was extremely fast and reliable. My last ticket was a 4 day fiasco and that was the end of it. If I had been given some decent advice and decent response times I could of had it fixed in a day at most. I'm a reasonable guy and don't expect 5 minute response times but 3 and 4 hours just isn't going to cut it.

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