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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by mmxp, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. mmxp

    mmxp New Member

    I have a forum with the max online members of 290 at the same time. I used to have a VPS of a Canadian company about the same price of VPS Mtx pacakge I have here. But their support really sucks. They charged me for reboot and even tech support! I wish I could have found KnownHost much earlier! Your support is great! I have many friends who run big forums and are looking for better host. I think I will be very happy to tell them about KnownHost!
    My problem is recently I find some guys are using Proxy Ips to generate many simultanous connections to my forum which causes over connections to MYSQL database and overuse of RAM. I am wondering how I could limit each IP's connection?
  2. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    Require a login and implement some session hijacking detection code that kills duplicates?
  3. lalaland

    lalaland New Member

    What forum script do you use?

    I use vBulletin on my forum and we have hacks in place that stop the exact thing you are describing. If you let us know what forum script you use then I am sure someone will know a hack for it if it's a popular script.
  4. mmxp

    mmxp New Member

    Could you tell me about the hack for VBB? :)
  5. Rosie M

    Rosie M New Member

    I'd be interested in knowing as well. If it's on vb.org maybe you could link us.


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