Hybrid Servers launched


KH Sales
Staff member
Hello All!

We are happy to announce we have finally launched our Hybrid Servers in both Texas and California. These are low density VPS's which should cater to the needs of many existing KH clients and potential KH clients. Please check both the url below. Again, these can be upgraded to from VPS accounts with no downtime if your a KH client. Yes, you will be moved to a new server but IP's will stay the same. If your thinking of joining KH then you will still have the VZPP (Virtuozzo Powerpanel) so your environment will be identical so the learning curve should be very small as nothing will change.
We hope to see you signup. Thank you.

**Existing clients who want to upgrade please email sales@ and we will process this like a normal upgrade request. No new order is needed.


Fantastic news. Congratulations!

Now we can rest easy knowing that when our online presence starts to get stronger, there is a easily upgradable solution available.

2 quick questions...
How many hybrid accounts usually exist on a Hybrid server and what would be the difference between a hybrid and a dedicated?

All the best with this service.