(port 2095 question)


I have a customer that does a lot of work from a network that blocks 2095 for some reason. Can we do some sort of customer configuration to try other ports? I do not know what ports are open and what are blocked by the local firewall, but if there is an easy way I can modify .conf files to try other ports, I would like to.


I believe the easiest way to resolve this would be to install webmail application into the customer's public_html and to let him/her use own webmail installation on port 80. It is definitely not possible to change standard ports to something else in the shared environment as this will affect everyone on the same system.

Gotcha ... makes sense. I will do a little research on doing exactly what you mentioned, thanks.

EDIT: Looks like most (or all) of the WebMail apps I'm coming across require some sort of shell access for the install. Is this something support is willing to install, or do I have the option of shell access?

I looked, but I was hoping there might be something in the Fantastico installs, but I did not see anything.