How's Cpanel 11?

Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by ppc, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    Just curious to hear how Cpanel 11 has been working out. As you proapbly know I have a Plesk VPS but I still have an eye out for Cpanel as I like that it has more flexibility and is more widespread.

    I heard the upgrade was a disaster but how is it now? Is it stable?

    Has anyone ever compared the resource usage from Plesk to Cpanel. Though I have heard they are similar, i'm curious as to which CP actually taxes the server more.

  2. magic

    magic New Member

    i've never used plesk, but i'm happy with the release branch of cp11 and will be moving over to the stable branch when it is ready

    after hearing about the upgrade problems i had changed my long-term plans to move onto a new server (here) with a freshly-installed cpanel instead of doing an in-place upgrade at my old provider.

    the biggest difference is the massive reduction in resource usage by spamassassin. they changed the manner that it is called so that there is not constant regeneration every time a mail is delivered. my resource usage was cut at least in half just through this change alone, but i don't know how it compares to plesk

    the major obstacle remaining right now is the lack of apache 2 support which should be moving onto the production branches later in august. that has been cpanels big weakness and hopefully the new buildapache platform is stable

    in terms of interface they made some changes to simplify things, some i agree with and some not, but overall the interface is relatively user friendly and i dont have any major problems with it
  3. ppc

    ppc Moderator


    Thanks for that great review. Besides for Apache2, Cpanel 11 in your opinion is fine and stable?
  4. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    I actually have a big problem with SA's memory usage, as have others here (including KH on their other shared accounts and such).

    I'm not sure how the resource usage has been cut in half, but it certainly wasn't on my server.
  5. magic

    magic New Member

    did you upgrade or fresh install?

    check the exim config page in whm to see which mode it is set on, the option for the depreciated mode should not be set
  6. Unknown

    Unknown New Member

    We are running the current tree WHM 11.2.0 and cPanel 11.8.0. There were a few memory issues with cPanel not reporting it properly at first but it seems to be fine now. cPanel 11 is a big improvment over 10 TBH I much prefer it. Running two VPS's and they are both running great...
  7. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    Depreciated mode or whatever it is, is not set.

    It was an upgrade install.
  8. magic

    magic New Member

    how much email volume are you processing give or take?
  9. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    Nothing too crazy. For the last 24 hours:


    877 messages


    970 messages
  10. magic

    magic New Member

    could you get a copy of your process list (at least the part with spamd)
  11. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    19880.10.4spamd child02332832S00:00:490
  12. magic

    magic New Member

    you lost all the spacing there, try putting it in a
  13. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    22519 //// 0.0 ///// 0.4 ///// spamd child //// 0 //// 23 ///// 38220 /// R // 00:00:41 //// 32008

    Okay, the code tags just jumbled it all together too. I put some slashes in for the spaces. Hope that isn't too crazy to follow.
  14. magic

    magic New Member

    is that from a low traffic period? because it looks like it is idle (0 cpu) and using 0.4% of ram

    unless you have customized your list display, in which case provide the headers as well
  15. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    I seemed to have checked out of this thread for a few days :eek:

    I would like to hear your full Cpanel 11 stable? :)
  16. New Member

    cPanel v11 is not stable yet.

    Yet, I have installed cPanel v11 on my server.
    No errors detected yet. At the beginning we had some EMAIL problems but those fixed their self overnight.

    However cPanel v11 does not support Apache 2.0 at the moment.
    There fore I cant install it >.<

    Belows a table of the status's

    Stage 1
    Stage 2

    May 2, 2007

    CURRENT May 18, 2007 EDGE** June 5, 2007RELEASE August 14, 2007STABLE August 15, 2007 CURRENT August 29, 2007 RELEASE TBD STABLE

    now, Telling anything from that table -
    cPanel v11 will be in its first stage of stability on August 14th.
    yay!. Cant wait to see what they do about Apache 2.0
    I found some cool features in cPanel v11 id like to share with you aswell.

    Dynamic Update NAMESERVERS
    This picture shows the networking menu above,
    Then the bottom picture shows after you click Nameserver IP's on the menu. When you click that nameserver IP's on the menu it show the "Updating IP list from whois database" - Basically, It automatically configures the IP to a nameserver and it checks to make sure the nameservers match the IP specified. If they dont match, It will tell you what to do to fix it.

    Sleeker images, more Modern style! - WHM and cPanel Client Side.
    this image basically, just shows the new images they decided to update on WHM the images use-to-be less modern but now they look fine :]


    Client Side NEW cPanel TEMPLATE x3

    Below is the newest cPanel template (clientside x3)
    You may move the boxes on the right side up and down and expand / collapse them quite a nice idea if you dont have a laggy computer...
    Please take note of the stats on the left side, this displays the FULL stats of the domain and the CPANEL information, as well as server load, theme type, apache version and PHP version. I think its pretty cool!

    cPanel email (clientside) template // create
    Below is the new ADD email account form and the
    Delete / manage accounts form.
    Very Awsome.
    If you notice, When you hover over the delete Icon they zoom in, it does the same thing for all the other Icons over there.
    The add a email form looks very sleek and updated.
    They finnally added the "Password Strength" thing on the side - Been waiting for them to do that forever. Instead of the error pages saying "this is a dictionary word " - That was always annoying.
    All these are great features if you dont have a laggy computer.
    You can most certainly tell that cPanel uses the most system RAM tho.
    But plesk lacks some of the really good features that cPanel has to offer.

    Hope this helps you out abit!

    Anyways, your welcome in advance for this intro!
    Kody Riker
    cPanel User
  17. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    Right, it's using 0.4% of the RAM. It was just during a normal period of use.
  18. Jleagle

    Jleagle New Member

    Ive always thought the interface kinda sucked. It used to be so plain and some pages used different themes or no theme at all. On the new version they have done quite abit, updated images, added ajax. But to me it still feels like the old version exept now with some fancy scripts they stole from
  19. magic

    magic New Member

    Shhhh... the customers love the flashy stuff. :p

    @bryan: what was your mem usage like before?
  20. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    For some reason I have this urge to switch to Cpanel from Plesk.

    I assume I would get Cpanel 11.

    Do you think its crazy to do so now?

    Would anyone have the link to the page that shows the status of cpanel 11?


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