How to know actual disk usage?


Having a wordpress and only one mail account (with few MBs of data only) my disk usage shows 197MB out of 200 MB allocation. Can anyone please help guiding how to know the folder or file that is actually taking a huge space?
Not that I'm aware of, however for just $25 a month you could have your own VPS which is much better than shared hosting. Full root access to your VPS and create all the sites you want.
20GB Disk Space
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Hi mate
Thanks! I ask because I just curious about this forum section (reseller & shared)
And Yes I 1000% agree KH VPS is Awesome! and the support staff Rock A++

Our sister company UberHost (we we own and run) does.
Thanks Jonathan ,
its clear my doubt :)

Btw any news about west coast SSD ?