How to create a new account

khpro user

New Member
OK, I have the KHPro plan and would like to add an account.

Using WHM, I select the Create A New Account menu item and get a page that will presumably allow me to do so. However, it appears that I cannot create an account "because of limits".

Can someone point me in the right direction here?

I'm guessing that my original account is using all of the disk quota, therefore leaving no room for a new account.

How do I change the disk quota? I've searched high and low in WHM and Cpanel and cannot find anything that will allow me to alter the disk quota of the original account.

I've used Cpanel quite a bit but I'm new to WHM, so I might be overlooking something obvious. But at this point, no joy.
I think you'd just need to create a package/plan with lower resources and put your main account on that - that should free things up.