Hi I need the ports to configure my email accounts in my cellphone, please help!


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Hi guys,

Well finally I knew how to configure my email accounts in my cellphone, only I need the ports for the imap server (I think is 143, I used this one and it seems it works) and for the smtp server.

Please tell me, I am desperate in this.

Thank you in advance!

Hi mariocaz,

Unless otherwise configured I'd say that the default ports are what you want. So for Imap you would need port 143 and for SMTP you would want port 25.

Depending on the phone some might even be able to automatically detect and configure this for you.

Hope that helps
Thanx Dan,

Well I am doing something wrong, appears a message that can´t connect with the server, please tell me how do I have to fill this:

Imap Server: mail.reefoptions.com
Port: 143
Username: sales@reefoptions.com
Password: **********
Type of security: None

When I click Next it seem that could connect with the server, but then I filled these options and then appears me the message that couldn´t do the configuration because couldn´t connect with the server. =(

I filled like this:

Smtp Server: mail.reefoptions.com
Port: 25
Type of security: None (also there is SSL and TLS)

Password: *********

Please help!!!!!


You should be able to configure it the same as an email client except using IMAP instead of POP3. Are you able to receive email just not send? That would at least say that it's just the SMTP it's getting hung up on.

You should be able to drop the 'mail.' from the server names. Another thing may be that it's requiring SSL in which case the ports would be different. IMAP would be port 993 and SMTP would be port 465.