Going from VPS to Shared.

Discussion in 'cPanel shared hosting' started by jjthomas, Feb 25, 2009.

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    On my VPS site I have RBL setup to check against zen.spamhaus.org and rbl.spamcop.net. It kills about 90% of the SPAM I get. Is that option available with with Shared or reseller hosting?

    Thank you.

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    Going from VPS to Shared

    i know VPS hosting has many advantages vs shared hosting. how does that affect the speed of my site. will my web pages load faster if i get a vps hosting ?
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    It depends on your site actually. If you are hosted on a shared hosting, you basically have no dedicated CPU or RAM resources. If other sites are having high load, you are impacted. But with your own resources, your site is assured to get its RAM to work on its loading time. I just moved from shared to VPS, bcos shared accounts basically competes with a few hundred other accounts for RAM , CPU . With your own VPS, you can manage your expectation given the right RAM vs your utizliation
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    Great advice thanks alot.
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