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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by opentoe, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. opentoe

    opentoe New Member

    Before I drive to Godaddy corporate HQ and complain, I wanted to post the issue here first.

    When I try to add my name servers in the zone editor, they won't add properly. When I click SAVE to save the name servers, I get this response back:

    Zone File Record
    NS No matching A record found for NS record []
    NS No matching A record found for NS record []

    I'm using the exact information provided for me in my welcome email. I don't see a A record either, which is the main host record. Grrrr Godaddy.
  2. opentoe

    opentoe New Member

    Just wanted to reply. I ended up calling Godaddy. The issue is their interface!! It is crazy! They try to pack it with so much marketing and addons you can't see the real interface and the things you really need to do. Just 5 minutes ago I had to create the hosts, but not via the zone editor area. But a completely different area. Anyway, I added NS1 and NS2 and then set my name hopefully in a few hours everything will propagate. I should be going to bed...but not me!

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