Generating SSL for resold accounts


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This is not an immediate need, but I am sending out proposals for several new sites which will, if we get them, require secure certificates.

1. I believe that a dedicated IP will be required for the domain requiring an SSL, is this correct?

2. There also appears to be a way to generate and install a dedicated SSL from WHM. How much does the SSL cost us, the reseller, so we can put that price into the proposal?

I may have other questions later, but this will do to go on with. Thanks.
You cannot generate SSL certificates that will work in an average user's browser yourself. Most valid CAs have reseller programs you can apply to participate in and their prices vary wildly depending on the degree of brand recognition they command in the industry.

You are correct that you will need a separate IP for each secure host.
clnewbill, as khildtd requested you could become a reseller and do it that way.

However, the most economic(at least if your not going to be purchasing over 5 certificates or so) and easiest way to do it is to go to a place like namecheap, purchase an SSL certificate from them(they are a reseller themselves) and install to the customers website.
Thanks, Josh. At this point we are looking at three of them, so that's a good option to keep in mind. I've done websites with shopping carts before, but those were for companies which had their own hosting and were able to purchase certificates through their hosts. This is the first time I've looked at providing one as part of a package.