FTP cname for hosted accounts?


In CPanel, when you use the FTP Manager to create a new account, you are instructed to "Make sure that you connect to ftp.blahblahblah.com with your FTP client or you may not be able to login."

I just had a client e-mail me saying he could not FTP to the host FTP.HISDOMAIN.COM. I did some research and it doesn't look like the FTP cname for his domain was ever created.

If I remember correctly, creating an account with WHM used to take care of that. Is it not happening in your WHM setup? Just curious ... I'd rather not have to manage this manually on my own, but I can if I have to. Just wondering if this is something that can be flipped on, or it maybe this is a one-time problem that it did not get created.

I'm on C02 if that is important, I can provide whatever additonal details you need just ask.


Can you post or PM name of the domain where you have this problem?

This was a good one, I was about to shoot myself trying to find what happened ;) Reason for this is simple - on 25/Aug/2006:15:33:28 your client added the "ftp" subdomain and then removed it at 25/Aug/2006:15:47:51. "ftp" record was removed from the zone file when client executed the subdomain removal procedure.

Well I certainly don't want to cause the shooting of anyone, unless it is that one annoying guy at work. (whoops, I should not admit to that.)

Anyway, thanks for the detective work. The customer must have done that, trying to figure out how to accomplish what he wanted. I won't even begin to get into what all was going on, but it was mainly user error. I guess one of the things he did was create the FTP subdomain ... which when I told him to "hold on, slow down, listen to my instructions." First I told him to go back and undo whatever goofy stuff he did, which in retrospect I now know is not the best advice. Since it was a new domain, I should have just smoked it and started fresh!

Great help, thanks again.