Frustrated with support site ...



I've submitted dozens of tickets and logged in many more dozen times; I'm sure I know my username and password ... now all of a sudden my username and password do not work.

No password/username retreival system that I can find either. When I send in a support request, the system simply opens a ticket for me, which I cannot see since my username and password are not working.

Can someone from KH send me an e-mail to my e-mail address listed on my account? Thanks...
Is there any chance that you've changed your billing password? If so, try to use the same account login / password as you use to access Also, you can always create new tickets / see and update existing tickets through the billing portal.

Sorry for the slow reply.

Nope, I set up my password in the beginning and used it for many weeks before I started having my problems. I'm mostly surprised that there is no password retrieval tool.

I have contacted support via chat and we're dealing with it, I just wanted to at least wrap the topic up.
Have you cleared cookies and tried it again? I had a forum do that to me and it turned out to be a bad session cookie. It had corrupted somehow and once I deleted it, I had no problem.