Flipping the final switch in "other host to KnownHost migration"


Let's see if I can keep this simple ... it might be difficult. I'm using examples instead of the real domain names, hope that doesn't make it too hard to follow.

July 2006: I have a reseller hosting account with another host, with 60 resold accounts. ns1.oldspot.com and ns2.oldspot.com for name servers and oldspot.com is hosted with this host as well.

Aug 2006: After deciding to move to KnownHost, I set up my new account and began CPanel backups on the old host side, having them imported on the KnownHost side. I would make the registrar side nameserver changes, repointing each domain to the new nameservers - ns1.newspot.com and ns2.newspot.com. (newspot.com = my domain name which points to KnownHost nameservers, I registered a new domain for my KnownHost reseller account just to make the cutover process easier for me) I make these migrations to the new host without any customers even noticing ... only one or two instances of mail dropping to the old mail servers and I creatively move them to the new account.

Sept 2006: I've moved 57 of 60 domains, and the three remaining domains are accounts where the customer maintains their registrar records. This means that I cannot log in to my registrar and update name servers myself. These three customers have no idea how to even update their nameservers anymore, and I would like to finish my migration before I hit another expensive billing cycle with my old host. Knowing that I'm not going to get my remaining 3 customers to update their name servers in the time that I need them to update, I have to come up with another solution.

Proposed solution: oldspot.com nameserver settings with my registrar will be changed to point to KnownHost name servers that were given to me in my welcome e-mail. That means of course I will have to have all domains migrated over here at that time so when nameserver changes propegate around the net, the new sites and mail servers are ready to provide service.

My main question is, do I need to do anything else special to allow my KnownHost reseller account to provide this service? As far as I know, as long as I create the domain accounts in WHM, or have them imported with CPanel backups, the DNS zones on the KnownHost side should be good to go to provide any nameserver needs.

Am I correct? Thoughts, comments?

Thanks in advance!
Change the registered nameserver IPs for ns1.oldspot.com and ns2.oldspot.com to correspond with ns1.newspot.com and ns2.newspot.com, respectively, always works for me.

So if

ns1.oldspot.com =
ns2.oldspot.com =

ns1.newspot.com =
ns2.newspot.com =

And www.example.com is pointing to oldspot NS, just change first ns1 and ns2 IPs to match newpot's...

Change the registered nameserver IPs for ns1.oldspot.com and ns2.oldspot.com to correspond with ns1.newspot.com and ns2.newspot.com, respectively, always works for me.


That is what I was thinking, thanks. I was just wondering if there was aything over and beyond aside from creating the accounts on this side (either new accounts in WHM or imported CPanel backups) and updating my oldspot.com ns1 and ns2 set up with the registrar. Sounds like there isn't, base don what you say and other research I've done. I'll follow up after I give it a shot.

OK, proposed change made about 72 hours ago and no issues. I probably could have done this a lot earlier and saved me a bunch of NS changes on the registrar side in the beginning.

I'm amazed how quickly DNS proegates around the majority of the web these days. It used to be strictly a 24-48 hour thing, but I'm seeing most stuff update in 2-8 hours. I have a few high e-mail volume customers and they only missed a few e-mails due to them going to the old mail servers.