FAQ out of date? "In cPanel, how do I get the latest version of PHP installed?"


Answer: "By default cPanel comes with PHP 4.4.2, upgrade to PHP 5 is a simple and straight forward process - just go to WHM >> Software >> Apache Update, select required PHP version and additional options (if needed) and click "Start Build" button. This whole procedure will take less of 30 minutes to complete."

I can't see anything in WHM that indicates a "Software" menu or item. I cannot find that text anywhere in WHM.

Any ideas? I would like to test out the upgrade process and see how thinks function, but can't seem to follow these instructions.

This functionality requires root-level access to the system and is not available for reseller accounts as PHP version can't be changed for specific account only. Currently we have PHP 4.4.4 installed on all reseller systems.