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I just signed up for your hosting, and I have a quick question. I was in c-panel, and I added an email adress. I didn't realize that one was created when my hosting was setup. I believe it is the main email account. I don't want that one. I like the one I created since it is friendlier :)

Anyway, I suppose I need to check that main account still? Or should I set up some sort of forwarder to send the mail from the main account to the mail account I created?
Main or system account is the same as your FTP username, this account may receive various system notifications (i.e. emails from cron if you didn't specify custom email address, etc). There is no way to "get rid" of that account but it should be possible to setup forwarding to your own mailbox.

There is hardly ever mail sent to the main system's email tho.
You might not need to check it ever.
But to add a email account with cPanel Version X
Login to cPanel click the Mail Icon and then Click
"Add / Manage Email Accounts"
Scroll Down
Then add account