Email not working!


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Hi guys,

I don't have much knowledge of managing my site but somehow I have setup web email using cPanel.

But whenever I try sending email through Squirrel Mail I get error 451.

When I try using Roundcube powered Webmail, it doesn't show any error but also doesn't send any email.

Please help.
Hello prasham

If you have created the user in cPanel and are using the cPanel webmail applications everything should work just fine and being in shared hosting there isn't much or anything you can do to troubleshoot except to submit a ticket to support.
Email not working

yes.. i use yahoo or outlook client here from home.. both has an error..i did not enable catch all. i do not that.. the problem is with the master mailbox. i cant send mail to it.. but i can use its webmail account to send to other people.
Hello Etenele09,

The master mailbox should not be used to send and receive email. It can be used as a catch all or even just completely ignored.

Create a new valid email account and use it instead.

The master mailbox email address will send email as and I am sure you would much rather have your email coming from