EAccelerator vs XCache

Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by arowana, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. arowana

    arowana New Member

    Hi there.I'm currently using EAccelerator on my vbulletin board.Just wondering does XCache does the same or even better?Kindly please share your experience with me!Thank you!:)
  2. Aussie_Boy

    Aussie_Boy Member

    There are some benchmarks on these available via google, but sometimes one will perform better than the other depending on how your php scripts have been written.
  3. Ronnie

    Ronnie New Member

    If you are in cPanel, there is a problem with XCache. You can't view the XCache GUI control panel.
  4. arowana

    arowana New Member

    Hey,thanks for the replies.:)
    I am indeed using cPanel,but with EAccelerator and running a vbulletin site on my VPS,is that fine or?Any other 3rd party apps to recommend to install and optimise that please?:)
  5. Ronnie

    Ronnie New Member

    You can run Litespeed + PHP Cache which is a great combination and works very well with cPanel. Litespeed, however, is not a free application.
  6. arowana

    arowana New Member

    Where do i purchase this Litespeed product then?PHP Cache does the same for EAccelerator or is i different from what it does?
  7. Ronnie

    Ronnie New Member

    You can purchase it from http://www.litespeedtech.com/. Php Cache does the same as EAccelerator. Perhaps, it is even better to stay will Php Cache because it may include it as part of the pacakge for the next major version of Php. The author of Php cache is one of Php developers.
  8. Nneel

    Nneel New Member

    Xcache IS far far better than Ea.

    i was on EA. moved to Xcache been 5-6 month and its really working much better than eAcc.
    note that xcache support datastore cache too,
    yes im on vb3.6.7.

    drop eAcc go for Xcache.

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