Cpanel vs Plesk


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I've always used Cpanel as I'm used to its plethora of features and ease of moving sites around. What would be advantages of using Plesk over Cpanel?

I've read some that Cpanel is more memory intensive on a VPS. But would that even matter on a shared account?

With a shared hosting account the control panel is all about personal preference and features required. Cpanel has more but is also a bit more confusing for a novice user. For shared/reseller Cpanel sells quite a bit it seems.

For a VPS, Cpanel is quite heavy with required memory for it to just install so Plesk would allow the VPS to have less resources and still perform excellent. I would recommend Plesk for a VPS at the VPS M level but we do have many on the Cpanel VPS M and they are very happy. The thing to always remember is you can add RAM as you need right from the control panel (billing system). Feature wise Plesk is getting closer and closer to Cpanel so if I would recommend Plesk as it is easy to learn, use, and navigate.

Thanks for the info.

If I upgrade from Reseller to VPS at some point, is it possible to also migrate from Cpanel to Plesk at the same time? Not sure I would do it this way, just wondering how difficult it would be.
Yes, but you would have to use the Migration Manager in Plesk and have access to Cpanel still. I would recommend against this unless we are talking about a small number of domains, etc.

Will I lose rest money of ResellerPakage(annually payment) if I upgrade from Reseller to VPS at some point?

No money will be lost. If you do annual on Reseller for say $150 then decide to choose VPS monthly we will just credit the overpaid money from the Reseller to your VPS monthly payments.