Cpanel shared hosting management


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Hi experts,

i want to know how to manage, cpanel shared hosting for different websites with single account, is it possible without any issues..? plz try to provide complete details for running cpanel shared hosting without any issues for one another websites.
The lowest plan KH offers is VPS-1 for $25/m (Virtual Private Server) which allows you to create and manage multiple websites using WHM (web host management). WHM allows you to create multiple cPanel accounts, which in turn allows you to create and manage multiple websites.
The steps are as simple as...
  1. Buy a domain
  2. Point domain to your nameservers
  3. Create your cPanel account using WHM
  4. Program and upload your website
For more detailed information on how to use cPanel and WHM visit cPanel's documentation.
thanks for the will be very good if i get the year plans to move further, as i'm i want to start my new website soon. i want to make big programming information providing website. so, i would be the yr wise charges for the 3 yrs....just u get to will be very helpful to me.

thanks for being with me.