CPanel Migrations


If I want to move a large number of domains from my old host to my account here, can I do CPanel backups of the domains and have them imported on this side?
I see that is possible ... it was in this post:

So a couple more questions:

- what does the KH support team need besides the backup from CPanel?
* username of the individual account? password? anything?

I need everything to be exactly the same from one host to the other ... in other words I would like for it to be seamless for the customer. If there is anything you can think of that will help, I would like to know ahead of time so I can provide you with the right info.

I will make the nameserver changes on the domain, but aside from that, I just upload the backupfile?


Sure, just upload backup files and let support know where to find them. We don't need any other information except backup files location. Alternatively you may provide us with an access to the source system and we'll migrate all accounts data for you