ConfigServer Exploit scanner - anybody using it?

The German

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I recently saw that configserver (provides lfd/csf) offers an exploit scanner and was wondering if anybody here is/was using it and if so, how good it works.

I have many Joomla and Wordpress sites hosted and there are always a few that don't update their installations and this could help at least detecting when they got hacked...
I've seen plenty of tickets come through with the exploit scanner being asked for or a question about it. We do seem to have many customers who do use it however, to it's usefulness, I can't honestly speak to that as I've not used it myself. Perhaps a customer who uses it will see this and post their experiences with it.
Thanks Scott. I bit the bullet and bought it for $60 on their site. Installation is pretty straight forward and the first exploit report gave me work for almost a day :-( Anyhow, I think it is worth the money and saw that they are offering bundles with their csf product. Not sure if so, but I assume that KnownHost has a provider agreement with them, maybe it would be worth looking into adding the "csx" function to that bundle and offer it as part of your cpanel plugin collection?
Perhaps this would be something we may add to the available Add-ons in the future. I'll pass it up the chain and we'll see where it goes from there. Thanks for the update on it though. Hope it helps to keep you as exploit free as possible.
Sounds good.
I have had it installed for 2 days now and besides all the infected files (I scheduled a daily scan via cron which e-mails me a detailed report), it also analysis active traffic and blocks IPs using known exploit templates, protocol attacks and so on. Very cool and seems to be very much worth the money.

After activating mod_security, it is pretty much a 15 minute thing to get it all set up and running.
I know this thread is bordering on "old" but I just moved to KH; I've been running CXS for three years and I do like it. I want to keep my managed VPS as close to stock as possible, and I remember installing CXS on my old server required disabling the WHM installation of ClamAV and installing ClamAV independently. Did you have to do that?

Their instructions now say you can just point to the socket in the configuration file at /etc/cxs/cxs.defaults ... I've tried putting the command they recommend, "clamdsock=/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/" in the file but it doesn't seem to help.
No, I just bought it off their website, downloaded the script and ran it. Was actually pretty straight forward. In my cxs.defaults, I got clamdsock=/var/clamd and no problems with it (as far as I can tell). The effort for me was getting mod_security stood up, but I am sure that the KH team could/would help if needed.

I just checked and the actual process that runs is /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/clamd, not the one in the /var/clamd directory, so I will adjust the parameter... Thanks for pointing that out!

Btw - I think you made a great choice moving to KH - I have been a customer for a few years now and their support and overall availability and performance has been much, much better than with any other provider I used in the past (I got a VPS-4 or so).
Thanks - there is definitely something wrong with my install of CXS. It can't find clamd at all, and I have uninstalled ClamAV via WHM, then reinstalled it. I'll contact them and then look for alternatives; I really don't want to move away from the KH default set up.
Sheesh ... I found clamav wasn't actually running in WHM. CXS found it and is running a scan now. Off to add chkrootkit and rkhunter now!