1. Jean Boudreau

    ConfigServer - CSF change to configuration (Country Code lookups (CC_LOOKUPS))

    Hello, Just a head's up that if you are running ConfigServer Firewall that you may see errors in your logs showing the following: Jan 7 15:27:00 host lfd[17808]: CC Error: Country Code Filters setting MM_LICENSE_KEY must be set in /etc/csf/csf.conf to continue using the MaxMind databases You...
  2. The German

    ConfigServer Exploit scanner - anybody using it?

    I recently saw that configserver (provides lfd/csf) offers an exploit scanner and was wondering if anybody here is/was using it and if so, how good it works. I have many Joomla and Wordpress sites hosted and there are always a few that don't update their installations and this could help at...