Changing ownership try SSH – HELP!


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Hello, I have some little issues. The support team was great and help me once but I do not want to bother them all every time I have the issue. The problem is when my clients install new module/component/template in joomla and he can`t change ( edit ) the new folder and files because the Ownership ( User/Group ) are set to nobody instead of username of the CPanel account.
I can change the Ownership in Virtuozzo Control Panel but file by file and folder by folder so is going to take me a lot of time. I know the same think can be done try SSH but I do not know the command and the way how to change the Ownership. Can someone create a little tutorial with examples how I can change Ownership for groups of files and folders at once.


P.S. Sorry about my English
Hello Sumi,

Pretty much only need one command to take care of it.

chown -R username:username /home/username/public_html

That will recursively own all files and directories in the public_html directory to the owner.

Question I have is how is he uploading these files so they aren't given the correct ownership to begin with?
Joomla is bad with ownership permissions. It is a common practice for the script to own files to nobody, so much so that a module was written for it just to allow users to edit these "nobody" owned files.