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First off, I want to say I LOVE the site makeover. It's beautiful.:)

Do have one question, though..I noticed that reseller hosting is no longer being offered, and since I have a reseller account, what will happen when I go to renew next January? I joined KH because it was so affordable and I would really rather not go elsewhere (and neither would the people I host!) The level of service and support is outstanding, too. :D

Keep up the great work and do let me know what will happen to my reseller account.

Hi Hostdarling,

Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

All existing cPanel reseller accounts will continue to work as is, we will continue to maintain existing reseller systems and packages but we won't be selling new cPanel reseller accounts. There isn't anything to worry about if you already have an active package - it will remain up and running as long as your accounts remains in good standing.
Just a quick example - back in 2006 we were selling Plesk shared and reseller accounts for few months and then decided to stop doing so. As of today we still have good number of original Plesk shared and reseller accounts running and continue to maintain our Plesk shared environment even after we stopped selling such type of hosting about 3 years ago.

Hope this answers your question.