Can I change my plan later?


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I'm currently signed up with a VPS account with another provider for just a couple of weeks and I'm already seeing problems. I'll fully admit, I didn't do the groundwork before I signed up, based everything on 'bang-for-the-buck' and that's not always the best way of doing things.

My current provider has an elaborate helpdesk/ticket system which seems to offer the world - if only they would use it. I've had 5 tickets in there, all have gone un-answered. They have 'live chat' who are obviously Tier 1 level support and they just refer you to the ticket system anyways! They offer forums but they are not owned by the provider and every response starts with 'this is a user helping user forum' - meaning the support staff don't look at it too often. So the only viable support avenue is the phone - which isn't always convenient. To their credit, they were helpful on the phone but the other support vehicles are a complete waste of time.

The server itself is very well spec'd - better than KH for the money but I felt the server's performance suffering a little though. Right now it's flat-lined and has been down for 3 hours already...

Okay, this is starting to look like a rant and has nothing to do with KH at all but choosing you as a provider with my current concerns laid out previously, how would you compare your support system?

If I went with your VPS-L plan, could I migrate later to another VPS plan with more disk space without having to move all of my sites?

I would want to use the Plesk CP, what is the 'Plesk PowerPack' option?

I would want to manage my own DNS. As I understand it, I point my to your name servers and subsequent domains to my as their name servers. I understand I need to register as a name server at my registrar but the part I'm unclear on is what you would need me to do for Do I have to transfer it when I sign up? Do you register it on your name servers?

The reason I'm asking about the DNS setup is because I'm still struggling to get that configured on my current VPS provider and none of it was configured up front when I signed up.

Our support system is quite effective as you can submit a ticket 3 ways. You can email us from the registered email address you signed up with, submit a ticket at or thru the billing portal. These tickets can be tracked via the helpdesk or portal for your convenience. Our support is one of our advantages as we have all quite experienced technicians so there won't be any level 1 type tech's at KH.

Yes, you can purchase the VPS L and upgrade it later. It is quite simple to do and upgraded on the fly. Just login to the billing portal and make the upgrade and submit payment. Once we get the payment receipt we will add the new resources.

Regarding the DNS, it will be located right inside your VPS, you'll have full power to manage it in the way you want. No domain transfer is needed, just register nameservers through your domain registrar control panel and point them to your VPS, then switch your domain(s) to use your newly registered nameservers. This will allow you to take full control of your domain(s) DNS zones. If you need assistance with this inside the VPS once you order just let us know.

Talk to you soon


Joel, thanks for the very fast, clear and concise reply! I'm still debating what plan to go with but I'll very likely be signing up with you once I have confirmed I can cancel my account with my current VPS provider without any issues.
Wow Joel, I'm blown away! That was an 8 minute turn-a-round!!! I swear you are sitting in front of my forum post! LOL

Thanks so much for the wicked fast setup!