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I am currently hosting a new version of a program which I was given permission from the author of to resume working on as he quit over a year ago...
However, this program is rather popular, I've just hosted it for about 6 hours and already have 200 downloads, which is also very bandwidth consuming, since the file itself is about 1.5mb and with the extre resources addded about 4mb, so I was wondering, if this goes on my bandwidth might just get exceeded, so is it possible to upgrade plans in the middle of a paying cycle? I assume you would need to pay for the entire upgraded plan then? And what would happen if my bandwidth would get exceeded? (I'm using the Web Macro Shared hosting plan atm)
I can't seem to edit my post, so I'll just post another :)
Erm, I've already reached 650 downloads, which I'm very happy about, but anyway...
I had a few more questions, I'm thinking of eitehr upgrading to a KH Reseller Pro plan or a VPS Mtx, depending on how the traffic on my site evolves, so I was wondering, if I'd got for the vps, would all the contect of my site be automatically transferred to the webserver on the vps and be working instantly or would I have to backup it and reinstall everything?

Yes you can definitely upgrade your plan in the middle of your billing cycle. Upgrading to any of our reseller plans from shared hosting is seamless and only takes a couple minutes.

Upgrading to a VPS plan from shared or reseller is a bit more complicated but still relatively easy. Since a VPS is configured different then shared/reseller (ie. dedicated IP's, root access, custom nameservers) you will need to purchase the VPS plan you want and then our support team can migrate all your current date from your shared plan to your new VPS plan (as long as you choose cPanel a your control panel). Your IP's will change as well as your nameservers so you would need to update your DNS. Once DNS propogation has taken effect you can then cancel your current shared plan. This will ensure the least amount of downtime possible.

Please let us know if you have any questions.