Auto resource scaling...


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Hi there,

Just wondering why KH don't offer auto resource scaling? I believe this is usually offered with cloud hosting services (at least that's what I have seen elsewhere).

We have a website that runs off a VPS currently at KH and most of the times we don't need these extra resources, but every couple of days for a brief period when we release something new our website gets smashed with traffic and has caused slowdowns and even crashes - this is the time where it would be incredibly useful to have auto-scaling resources.

As you can see above, upgrading wouldn't be needed for us as we would then be paying for an upgrade we don't need 95% of the time, but a service such as being able to auto-scale our server resources would be the ideal solution.

We have been with KH now for several years and have generally been very happy - but we do need to take care of these spikes in traffic without having to pay for an upgrade we have no need for the vast majority of the time and we don't particularly want to leave KH to do that.