Anyone using lets encrypt for free SSL?

Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by SonicGT, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. SonicGT

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    If so how easy was it to implement and do you have a link to any instructions, for cpanel or other? My VPS is CentOS 7 currently.
  2. KH-FreddieA

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    I use it on my VPS. If you just need a cert for the green padlock, it's great. If you're doing any kind of ecommerce, buy a cert.
  3. Fred

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  4. estelle

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    Getting Let's Encrypt up and running

    SSH as root

    $ ssh -p 2200 [email protected]

    then run the command:

    $ /scripts/install_lets_encrypt_autossl_provider

    then log into your main control panel:

    under SSL/TLS you'll find "Manage AutoSSL"
    Under "providers", you'll see "Let's Encrypt". That's a new option that was created by running the command as root.

    Select "Let's Encrypt". Then agree to their terms of service and create a new registration with Let's Encrypt if necessary. Under the managed users tab you can enable / disable AutoSSL by account.

    Now, under the control panel of each individual account, under SECURITY > SSL/TLS, find Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)" select "Manage SSL Sites".

    If you end up with a self signed certificate (which you don't want) instead of a Let's Encrypt cert, delete the cert in the individual account. Click the "run AutoSSL for all users" button as root under "Manage Auto SSL". When you refresh the individual user, the correct cert should be there.
  5. Dan

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    Hi Estelle,

    Have you taken a look in WHM | SSL/TLS | Manage AutoSSL? You might find it much easier to use than having to login to every account via SSH and cPanel...
  6. estelle

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    Thanks. I didn't think that worked for accounts that already had a comodo cert. My main issue is where to go to redirect http to https. Right now I am going to each individual htaccess file. (blogged about it here: I was unable to do it via "redirects".
  7. WBW

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    Just a quick note on that, the port is wrong for SSL. For WHM, that should be 2087 when connecting via httpS.
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  8. DarkSorrow

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    I don't use the LetsEncrypt. It has to many limitations. Plus the FREE cPanel SSL is auto setup and ready to go as soon as you add an account. just add https to the URL.
  9. KH-RamonR

    KH-RamonR New Member

    Too many limitations such as?

    They recently announced they're doing wildcards. Once that's been released, there isn't really much stopping you from generating a single wildcard SSL cert. Unless you try to generate a SSL cert for; in which case that'd fail and you'd need to create a new wildcard covering

    Edit: Whoa, necropost! Sorry about that.

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