Anyone using Flask? How does it work?


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I'd like to make some Flask websites and wonder if Flask plays well with a KH managed VPS package.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts/experience!
Flask is a new project but all it says you need is python with a couple added extensions (werkzeug & jinja2) and mysql to get it started so you should have no issues with it on KH that I can see. However, I'd recommend WordPress over flask if you're planning to setup a live website. If you just want to mess with Flask then go for it.
Mmm, thank you for replying Josh but FYI:
- Setting up a Python web app is not just plug and play on Apache, typically you need mod_wsgi
- Flask (an application development framework) has little to do with Wordpress (a blogging platform), although both can be used to make blogs

This is why I'm asking if anyone here has experience using Flask (or Django for that matter) on a KH WHM VPS.
I knew Django is a framework, didn't realize Flask was from what I read, I swear I read it was a blog engine somewhere. My mistake. Regardless, if it's compatible with CentOS, you'll have root access to your server so you can install most anything.
Hi phpAddict, thank you for your reply.

I realize you can install anything on CentOS. My original question is if someone has actual experience they can share about whether Flask plays well with a KH managed VPS package.
See, installing is one thing, but there are lots of places where things could go wrong.
For instance, a Python app doesn't serve pages in the same way as a PHP script. It uses the WSGI interface, which means hooks are needed for the app to serve through Apache.
So we need mod_wsgi. Every time Apache is rebuilt (say for a PHP or MySQL upgrade), playing well would mean that mod_wsgi is automatically reinstalled (it's saved in the settings). Not playing well means you have to install it manually.
And how will it interact with nginx?
This is just one example of many about what it might mean to "play well".