Adding Domains to KHPro


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Hi, I have a little experience with websites using mostly Joomla right now. I know a little about programming, but not much.

What is completely new to me is cpanel and whm. I have two domains on my current KHPro account, but I want to add a third.

Do I just register the domain name elsewhere and then go to the new account section on WHM?

Thanks for your help.

I'm sure you've already gotten this done since you posted a few days ago but thought I'd answer just in case. I'm new here as well so I hope I'm answering this correctly - yes, you'd register your domain name where you usually do ( Godaddy, Namecheap..etc ) then log into WHM and create a new account using that domain name. What I'm not clear on is whether it matters if you change the nameservers on the new domain to point to your reseller nameservers before or after you create the account in WHM. I'm thinking it doesn't matter, but I wouldn't swear to it.
You can point the nameservers at anytime, I believe. It just doesn't get accessible until it is set up in WHM.

I think...
Yep, what's been said is all completely true :)

If you set the nameservers at time of registration though you don't need to wait as long for propagation though.