adding an account to reseller package?


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i am new to the reseller part of hosting...when i try to add an account to my package, i get this message "Account Creation Status: failed (Sorry you cannot create this account because you are out of disk space. You have exceeded your disk space allotment by 1500 Megabytes! )"

i have the khpro package.
If I remember right your main reseller account/site is setup with your max allowed disk space. You need to lower your main accounts disk quota/space so it frees up the additional space for new accounts you wish to create.

I'm not 100% sure on this, but I seem to remember reading this recently.

So I'd login to your main reseller account and look for your account under accounts or account functions depending on what control panel you are using.

Once you lower your main account you should be able to give the other more.

I would also assume that overselling isn't enabled or allowed at least not for space.
Gearhead, I had the same issue when I first got set up. I had to lower my own package down to free up space.
thanks for the answers..that helped.

now i would like to know how do i figure out which nameservers to use?or how can i tell what they are?

does that make since?

thanks again.