According to you, what are the most common mistakes done by Web Hosting Customers?


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We all have been at some point beginners.

So, according to you what are the biggest issues / challenges / mistakes faced by Web Hosting Customers?

What was your biggest issue / mistake when you started? Was it:
  • Breaking your website with plugins
  • Accidentally deleting content / files
  • Forgetting to keep your website updated
  • Letting your domain names expire
  • Forgetting login credentials
  • Adapting to growing business needs
  • Ensuring user friendly website design
  • Optimising your website’s speed
  • Using adequate security
  • Other? ...
Looking forward to read your feedback.

Please stay safe.
I wish I started out using more CMS's, templates, and open source code when I started out. I use to have the mindset that it was like cheating or plagiarizing. I wanted all my code to be 100% original. Also for security and efficiency; I didn't want to use code from someone I didn't know and could make the code do only what was required and nothing else. But, after years of wasting time to create sites that I could have created in a tenth of the time, and would come out better, if I had only used something already available. I still prefer to keep my sites lightweight, using as few plugins and as little open source code as possible. If I need a site to do something, but all the plugins available do 10 other things that I don't need, if it's not going to take much time, I'll go with my code over someone else's code. I SMH when I see 30 plugins on a site and they are really only using 5 of them.
Wasn't exactly when I started out but my biggest mistake was when I was reorganizing a forum. I reused a forum for classifieds and moved a bunch of posts into had auto pruning enabled. That wasn't the major mistake. By the time I realized my mistake I had overwritten my one backup with new one.

I now have very robust backup policy for many years using automysqlbackup.